Sunday, 27 July 2008

Tomato Rice


1-big onion small chopped

4-big tomatoes small chopped

1cup-washed and drained basmati rice

5-green chillies,oil-2tsp

garam masala-1tsp

salt for taste


kasturi methi-1/2tsp

lemon juice-2 to 3tsp

1+1-ginger garlic paste



in a cooker put 2tsp oil allow to heat .

Then add mustard when it splutters add onion fry till it changes colour.

Add green chillies fry it for a minute.

Add ginger garlic paste,chopped tomatoes and fry till they becomes soft.

Then add 1tsp haldi,garam masala and fry for a while and add rice mix well.

Add 2cups of water,salt,leave it till bubbles starts to come then taste it..

Add lemon juice,kasturi methi,stir it nicely and close the lid.

when one whistle come switch off gas and allow to become cool when it is cool transfer to bowl Add little ghee,spicy boondi top and it is ready to eat

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